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      Tongling University is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and one of the provincial application-oriented model universities founded in 2003. It is located in Tongling City of Anhui Province, a landscape ecological city called “Ancient Bronze Capital of China”.

      The university consists of 12 academic schools with 43 undergraduate programs covering 7 academic areas: economy, management, engineering, literature, science, art and law. The university also has several teaching organizations: public sports teaching department and school of continuing education. What’s more, 16 scientific research institutions attach to the university, of which Wanjiang Economic Development Research Center has developed into provincial humanities and social science key research center. Optoelectronics Application Center and Bronze Culture Research Center are all well known research centers in Anhui. So far, the university has over 16000 full-time students (2012-2013) and 788 staff members, among them are over 200 full and associate professors.

      The university currently has two campuses. It has an area of more than 873,630 square meters, construction area of about 338,000 square meters equipped with teaching facilities and equipments valued at 59 million Yuan all together. The library has about 940,000 volumes of books and 1,500 kinds of journals in Chinese and other languages. Its academic publication is Journal of Tongling University.

      Tongling University is an accredited university to cultivate talent of finance and economics, and has developed its own special methods in running financial and economic education. Accounting, International economics and trade are defined as national characteristic specialties. There are six provincial characteristic specialties such as finance, marketing, financial management etc and six provincial elaborate courses as well: Management, Cost Accounting and Taxation Law etc. Besides, the university contains five provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers as well: Accounting Practice Lab, Economic and Management Experience Training Center and other three advanced laboratories.  

       In order to adapt itself to the globalization of higher education, the university has officially established cooperative relationships with more than ten universities in US, UK, Argentina, Korea, and Taiwan district in China. The programs of leadership visiting foreign countries, scholars’ researches overseas and students exchanging broaden its international horizons. In 2008, the university assigned a teacher to Confucius Institute of St. Thomas University, Chile. Since 2010, the university has assigned more than 30 visiting scholars to cooperative universities, and more than 10 scholars from universities in US, Korea, Argentina came to visit our campus. The university has selected over 56 exchange students to study in Taiwan areas, and 2 students to Korea. In recent years, the university continues to enhance collaboration with more universities and expands cooperation areas, aiming to create a diversified environment that is greatly beneficial to the cooperative development. Therefore, in collaboration with University of Buenos Aires in Argentina Anhui Spanish Training Center was set up in 2005. Since 2012 Tongling University and WooSong University in Korea have become partners in a joint “2+2”higher education majoring in Accounting, International Economic and Trade. The university is to carry out new “2+2” joint education with Southwestern College in US and make efforts to develop it into teachers training center for the university.

      The university has effectively combined teaching with the training of application-oriented personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill as demanded by the country’s socialist modernization. The university firstly put forward the concept of cultivating application-oriented personnel and constructing application-oriented university called “Anhui Applied Undergraduate University Alliance”, which was praised by LiuYandong, State Councilor and ZhouYuanqing, president of China's higher education association. As the first rotating chairman, it is to aim at achieving it’s first-class position as an application-oriented model university in Anhui.

      To strengthen the construction of provincial application-oriented university, it carries out “Eight Hundred Project” to cultivate the initiative for all the staffs and students, which was honored by Education Department of Anhui Province as the strategic prospective Project. The university insists on cooperative education and provides active services to local economic development, so as to build the university into the place with “four centers” and “four bases”. (The “four centers” refers to the consultative center for local governmental decision, the center of cooperation among production, teaching and research in the local area, the center of talents cultivation and personnel training, and the center of local culture and education. In cooperation with local government and public institutions, the university strives to become the base for education, research, employment of graduates and probation and practice.

      Tongling University has achieved remarkable success in the teaching reform, talent cultivation, scientific research and teaching staff construction, which accordingly upgrades the comprehensive quality, core competence and social status. Shen hao, one of the extraordinary graduates, has been honored as National Moral Models, the People’s Satisfactory Civil Servants, Model Grassroots Cadres, Outstanding Communist Party Member. In order to cultivate Shen Hao’s Spirit, the university set up “Shen Hao Spirit Inheritance Memorial Hall and Undergraduate Students Education Base” to spread Shen Hao’s Spirit as the core of the campus culture. In 2012, the minimum score for admission to the liberal arts and science is 15 and 33 points higher respectively than other provincial ones, which has been lasting for three years. 

      With constant efforts, Tongling University has been awarded the honorary titles of Anhui Civilized Unit, Anhui Provincial Graduates Work Advanced Unit, Anhui Provincial University’s Ideological and Political Work Advanced Unit, Anhui Provincial University Students’ Social Practice Advanced Unit, National College Rear-Service Ten-year Socialization Reform Advanced Unit, Anhui Province Health Work Advanced Unit, and Anhui Province Model Green Model Unit.


    版權所有(2006-2008)銅陵學院 | 設計維護:銅陵學院網絡中心
    安徽省銅陵市翠湖四路1335號 郵編:244061 皖ICP備020536號
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